Use-It Tourist Info: or, Panic & Mayhem (Part 2)

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As noted in the previous post, a citywide closure of tourist sites could potentially cause severe difficulties for tourists who are afraid of the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of city exploration.

If the Eiffel Tower (etc. and whatnot) suddenly disappeared, for example, what would everyone do?

Tourists go home!
Tourists go home! by Rui Pereira

Brussels, which features a little statue of a peeing boy as its primary tourist site, is already a good model for this kind of situation.

Mannekin Pis in Brussels
Mannekin Pis in Brussels by Surat Lozowick

Hence, the locals have created an office where all the confused tourists can go, drink free coffee, and learn about what folks in Brussels do on their free time. [e.g. They eat lunch at the cafeteria in the Royal Library.]

Other cities, like Rotterdam and Oslo, have this place too.

It’s supposedly for young people, but that’s probably because ‘young people’ makes it sound cooler.

Other people might like it too.

Enjoying the view?
Enjoying the view? by Marc Vanstraelen

If these use-it offices don’t include your city, perhaps you could begin one yourself.
If, by chance, you needed anther hobby.


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