Time-Lapse Photography at Night

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We are entering the darkest week of the year, a depressing detail for SAD sufferers and a celebratory fact for nocturnal photographers.

For the sake of both, let’s hope for clear skies and low light pollution.

Noche de luna llena - Full moon night by Luz A. Villa
Smoking Stonehenge by Bala
The Aggie Milky Way by Doug Klembara

If stars are visible, this week may be the best time for capturing star trails with time-lapse photography:

Racing Stars by Andrew Stawarz
Stanton, St John the Baptist by Andrew Stawarz
Monument at Mission San Miguel founded 1797, with a Star Trail Sky by Kevin Cole

Time-lapse photography also works well with flashlights and Ferris wheels:

Paul Meets the Milky Way by boltron-
flashlight fun by Gina Collecchia
ferris wheel at night by tylerdurden1
The Green Wheel at Roskilde Festival 2009 by Stig Nygaard

And, for the non-photographers,
Christmas lights.

Christmas lights by Christmas w/a K

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