The Lost Lanterns of Saint Martin’s Day

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A few days ago [Nov. 11], the Netherlands celebrated Saint Martin’s Day, a Catholic holiday highlighted by a type of trick-or-treating, minus the fake blood and motion sensor sound effects.

The candy-retrieval method is different too: rather than wearing costumes, St. Martin’s children carry self-made lanterns and sing ditties house-to-house for pieces of candy.
Jack O’lantern hell by Logan Ingalls

This year, the weather was stormy and cruel for the saintly participants. The wind and rain ripped apart the kids’ lanterns, leaving them to ring doorbells with bare sticks and battery-operated light bulbs.

To compensate for the aesthetic let-down, it was necessary to find paper lanterns to admire elsewhere and indoors.
These are ‘the rebound lanterns’:


For all the children who lost lanterns and all the woman-dominated households with leftover bite-sized chocolate candies, we hope for a more agreeable St. Martin’s Day next year.

visite du village aux lampions (COURTHEZON,FR84) by jean-louis Zimmermann

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