Tea-cycling #6: Tea Soap

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Although recycling tea bags is pretty awesome, you can also reuse loose-leaf tea. The most compelling idea I’ve seen so far is soap made with tea leaves. It exfoliates, adds color, smells good and, best of all, reuses tea.

You can make tea soap fairly easily, and in case you fail, you can let people on etsy do it for you.

1. Set of 3
via Herbivore Botanicals

Handmade Vegan Cold Process Tea Soaps

2. Chai Tea
via DeShawn Marie

Chai Tea Soap - Vegan Handmade Soap

3. Chocolate Chai Latte
via Amaryllis Jaune

Chocolate Chai Latte Soap

4. Cedarwood & Rooibos
via Artisan Soapworks

Fragrant Woods Natural Aloe Vera Soap - with Cedarwood

5. Lychee Red Tea
via Theresa & Jim’s Soaps

Lychee Red Tea Soap

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