Tea-cycling #5: Tub Tea

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Like hemp clothing and the word ‘groovy,’ soaking in tea sounds like a habit for hippies alone.

True, it’s earthy and eco-friendly, but it’s also an easy way to scent your bath and use old tea bags—our great aspiration ever since Tea-cycling #1 appeared.

Dew by Celine Nadeau

Here’s the how-to summary:
1. Fill old (preferably large) tea bags with lavender, peppermint, chamomile and/or any other strong scents you prefer.
2. Tie the tea bags tightly together.
3. Let the batch float in the bathtub as you soak.

Voila! Tub tea.

[Side note: if your old tea bags still have their flavor intact, you can reuse them directly without replacing the filling. That is, if you enjoy their smell…]

If you lack time or tea bags, you can also find a variety of tub tea mixtures on Etsy.com
(as always).

A few examples:


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