Tea-cycling #4: Tea Bag Pillows

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Tea-scented pillows are pretty easy to make. The instructions are so simple that one could simplify them into five simple sentences (i.e. five subjects and predicates).

Furthermore, the subjects are invisible—which may or may not be simpler depending on your feelings about ‘the implied you’.

This introduction is already more complicated than the tea-scented pillows.

teebeutel2 by Rupert Ganzer

Give it a try…

1. Drink a lot of tea.

2. Save the tea bags.

3. Find a pillow case.

4. Stuff the tea bags into the pillow case.

5. Sew the pillow case closed.



You could elaborate on the instructions by adding applique tea cups or tea-staining the pillow case, but then the instructions would become complicated and powerless.
Too complicated.

All we really need is simplicity, the smell of tea and a continuous supply of pillow fight flash mobs.


Pillow Fight 2008 by Donato Accogli

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