Tea-cycling #1: Tea Bag Fire Starters

Used tea bags are pitiful objects.
They’ve got nothing left but the compost pile to love them.

tea bag

tea bag by Matt MacGillivray

They were once attractive, and now… total rejection.

Empathizing with tea bags, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, and/or spendthrifting like a scrooge has encouraged some people to find ways of re-using these sad objects. Let’s call it ‘tea-cycling’.

Here’s a good option for pyromaniacs (or, um, good-natured campers): tea bag fire starters, invented by Earthworm.

fire starter

Starting the fire starter by Quinn Dombrowski

Instead of using store-bought fire starters [with ugly packages], you could use awesome homemade fire starters with no ugly packages—just tea bags and wax.


Candles in the dark by Peter Becker

For instructions and photos, check out coconinoco’s photostream and Earthworm’s photostream on flickr.

They burn for a good five minutes and are light, waterproof, and easy to make.

Wolf Fire

Wolf Fire by Matt Reinbold

Let the tea-cycling revolution begin.


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