Stone Art: 18 Ways to Paint Rocks

If you want an eco-friendly and unique canvas for your art, try painting on stones. They’re cheap, easy to find, and full of creative possibility. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you can still use rocks to carry messages or mark your garden. Check out these great ideas:

1. A proposal.

via Med Beach Stones

heart shaped Beach stone rock pebble marry me


2. Light as a feather.

via River Luna

Handpainted Feather Stone paper weight


3. The Door in the Wall.

(Wink wink, nod nod to our beloved English majors.)

via Art Rocks

Lagadia Door, Greece painted stone


4. Alphabet rocks.

via Mama Tita

Alphabet, Painted Sea Stones


5. Moon, stone.

via The Stone Teller

Moon Handpainted Pendant rock art Necklace


6. Mountains – to take along with you when you visit/reside in flat countries, e.g., The Netherlands. For memory’s sake.

via The Blackbird Sings

handpainted beach pebbles . two mountains


7. Motivational phrases.

via Quiet Dove Gallery

Hand Painted stone Be Kind


8. Portraits.

via Sabiesabi

Painted stone portrait necklace


9. Dandelion spores.

via Peter Sandker Art

Painted river stones dandelion spores


10. Robin’s egg.

via Amy Komar

Robins egg Alaska Series Painted Stones


11. Garden stones.

via Creations by Chelsey

Hand painted garden stones vegetables


12. A mended heart – to say you’re sorry.

via River Stones Art

Mended Heart Painted Stone Rock Valentines


13. An adorable rabbit. Better than a real one? … Perhaps.

via Chez Marmota

Handpainted stones - White rabbit natural spring


14. Fish magnets to swim on your refrigerator.

via Three Days Till Tomorrow

Painted rock stone art fish magnets


15. A bookend.

via Nature Trail

Owl Book End Painted Rock baby owls


16. Baby memorabilia.

via Treasure Beans

Precious Prints Keepsake Pebble for Baby BOY


17. Brooches.

via Zeus Stones

tic tac toe or XOX handpainted stone brooch


18. The most ethical diamond ring, ever.

via Shebbo Design

Stone Jewelry Diamond Ring, Hand Painted



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  1. Cassey Koppy

    November 23, 2012 6:12 pm

    Thanks for including my art Kate! All of these projects are amazing…I had already pinned several of these as my favorites too!


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