Second-Hand Hurrah: Designer Clothes and Comic Books

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Rescuing high-quality items from dusty second-hand shops feels like becoming a hero. It’s like saving characters from the Brave Little Toaster (a traumatizing ‘children’s’ movie).

Second Hand Store in the Schilderswijk
Second Hand Store in the Schilderswijk by Watzki Burt

Sometimes, thrift store rescue missions pay off well too; for instance, a Belgian guy bought an old comic book a few months ago at a second-hand shop for €1.

He’s now reselling it for €14,000. Only 100 copies of the comic book were published; they were prizes for a magazine competition in 1952.
comic book

This situation will probably never happen to us.
So, let’s focus on rescuing designer clothing instead. As heroes do.
Second-Hand Dress (by Chine Belgian Design), apparently inspired by Star Trek:
second hand dress
Original price: €250-350
Flea Market price: €1

{This dress originally included strange kangaroo pockets. These pockets, although masterfully-stitched, were removed because flea market purchases are open to alteration, regardless of their catwalk status.}

New York Fashion Week Fall 2007: Doo Ri
New York Fashion Week Fall 2007: Doo Ri by Art Comments

Next on second-hand wish list: Sarah Pacini. Or is that too ambitious?

Comic books, anyone?

bric-a-brac by Kevin Utting

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