Redhead Day: A Festival for Gingers

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Just over one week has passed since Redhead Day/Roodharigendag, the largest (and perhaps only) festival for redheads in the world.

image by ashle nore

This annual event takes place during first week of September in Breda, NL and has grown every year since its accidental inception in 2005.

(Read about its history! With an exclamation point!)


redhead day / roodharigendag Breda by Eddy Van 3000

This year, approximately 4000 redheads showed up—a photographer’s paradise.

he festival’s events included a group photo shoot (with a bouncer to prevent any non-redheads from participating), presentations about red hair, fashion shows with redheaded models, musicians with red hair, various exciting booths, and numerous cafés for the pure enjoyment of redhead-watching.

Should I? by Grant

The rarity of the ginger gene, combined with current population trends, makes this festival almost necessary for the preservation of the redhead race.

If nothing else, it allows carriers of the mutated MC1R protein (a.k.a. redheads) to meet each other.

And, of course, take photos.

ella by anthony kelly
Red in Blue by Garry Knight

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