Rainy Day Special

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Last week, Belgium and the Netherlands were properly rained out with a month’s worth of precipitation in two days. Floods, emergency evacuations and canceled train trips were duly divided among all.

Meanwhile, Denmark has snow.

266/365 - And It Could Rain For Days And Then Where Would I Be? by Helga Weber

Despite their collapsed guttural language, we still feel jealous about the Danes every now and then.

(Namely in November, of course, when we aren’t thinking straight).

Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - A Plumpish Proportion by U.S. Army

To combat this sunshineless insanity [what? envious of the Danes!?], let’s look at the positive side of rain—that is, umbrellas.

Sure, you could use them in the stuffy Danish snow, but then you’d look ridiculous. Umbrellas are meant for misery, e.g. Benelux in November.¬†They make everything better. Check it out:

Mary Poppins in rosa by Arwen Abendstern
Walking by Gianni D.
wooooooooo by squacco

So, Denmark, enjoy the snow.
We’ll take the umbrellas until December.

N Sahara by Nono Fara

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