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Bleach Art: 8 Ways To Use A Bleach Pen

Bleach stains usually illicit reactions like, ‘It’s ruined!’ and ‘How can I cover it up?’ Rarely do you hear, ‘Add more bleach!’ But that’s exactly what bleach art calls for: making clothes and accessories even better using bleach pens, paint brushes and stencils. Best of all, it takes very little time! Here are eight ways you can make bleach stains lovable.

1. Tribal leggings

via Deanna Reder

tribal leggings bleach art

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10 Ways to Paint Champagne Glasses

An easy way to make plain champagne flutes look special is to paint them, giving each flute a unique pattern. You can find inexpensive champagne glasses at most thrift stores and paint them for a special occasion or as party favors. To get started, read the DIY instructions for painting champagne glasses @ Blissfully Domestic and check out these ten lovely designs for inspiration.

1. Butterflies, flowers, and Swarovski crystals
via Nevena Art Glass

Wedding Butterfly Light Blue Aqua Champagne Toasting Flutes

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9 Lovely Needlework Calendars

Needlework calendars have a beauty and permanence that paper calendars rarely achieve. Whether it’s cross-stitch, quilting, or embroidery, it’s difficult to throw away needlework, especially if the pattern is complex and painstakingly crafted. Hence, if you expect a year to be wonderful, or if the past year was already wonderful, stitching together a calendar can be a lovely way to memorialize it.

1. Faint lines to embellish with colors of your choice
via Waterrose

2013 Calendar Hand Embroidery Kit Pattern Needlework

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19 Creative Ideas for Gingerbread Houses

Like Christmas wreaths and light decorations, gingerbread houses are a holiday art that can be either really simple and pretty, or extravagant, time-consuming and spectacular. Either way, making & decorating a gingerbread house takes patience and ingenuity, especially if you want to enter into a gingerbread competition. For inspiration, here are nineteen creative ideas to help you begin your next gingerbread abode.

1. ‘The Gnome Home’

via The Etsy Blog
Gnome Home Gingerbread House

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25 Great Gifts for Urban Cyclists

It’s easy to buy gifts for athletic cyclists; you just go to an athletics store and check out the cycling section. Urban cyclists are bit more complicated, since they usually don’t need energy bars or heart rate monitors. Still, there’s plenty of good stuff that any bicycle-owner would be happy to have.

1. Seat barrel bag
via Walnut Studio

Seat Barrel Bag For Bicycle

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O Tiny Tannenbaum: 21 Mini Homemade Christmas Trees

Miniature Christmas trees can be made at home as easily as holiday ornaments and garlands. You can make them from all kinds of materials, from pine cones to pieces of driftwood. They make lovely table centerpieces for holiday dinners or weddings–with snacks or favors tucked beneath their branches–and when the party’s over, you can easily place them around the house, or pack them away for next year.

1. French beaded flowers, layered to make a Christmas tree
via Sparkling Fantasy

White Beaded Christmas tree

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Beautiful Bookends: 10 Cool Bookend Designs

Almost any large, heavy object will hold up books, but specially-made bookends beautify libraries and draw attention to the books they’re supporting. You can match a bookend to the set of books it’s holding, or create a theme of bookends throughout the library, from industrial cement to classical statues.

1. Chic metal designs
via Design Atelier Article

tree book ends Spring laser cut for precision these metal bookends

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14 Fancy Ideas for Making French Toast

Making French toast takes a lot of decision-making: which bread to use, which toppings, what soaking mixture, whether to bake or fry it, single or double slices… There isn’t an official ‘best way’ to make French toast, but there are plenty of beautiful and delicious ideas to keep you indecisive about which one you’ll make this weekend.

1. Grape-Stuffed French Toast – with almonds and orange marmalade
via The Food Network

Grape-stuffed French Toast

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18 Ways to Use Sea Urchin Shells

Sea urchin skeletons aren’t exactly as common to find on a beach as driftwood or clam shells, but if you live in the right place, these beautiful objects can be picked up and made into eye-catching pieces of art.

1. Jellyfish ornaments
via Gifts & Stars

Oh Jellyfish, Jellyfish ornaments

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Felted Slippers for the Holidays

Winter and late autumn can be miserably cold and rainy seasons, which is probably why so many ‘comfort days’ happen in November to February. (The days when you say, ‘Actually, never mind my plans. I’m going to stay in bed, read a book, and have cookies with tea.’) A fine addition to any comfort day, or any winter day you wish was a comfort day, are fuzzy felt slippers. You can make them yourself, or find any number of lovely pairs on  Etsy. For ideas, check out the shops of these thirteen talented shoemakers:

1. Felting by Eglut

Felted mens slippers hunting time

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