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O Tiny Tannenbaum: 21 Mini Homemade Christmas Trees


Miniature Christmas trees can be made at home as easily as holiday ornaments and garlands. You can make them from all kinds of materials, from pine cones to pieces of driftwood. They make lovely table centerpieces for holiday dinners or weddings–with snacks or favors tucked beneath their branches–and when the party’s over, you can easily place them around the house, or pack them away for next year.

1. French beaded flowers, layered to make a Christmas tree
via Sparkling Fantasy

White Beaded Christmas tree

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14 Fancy Ideas for Making French Toast

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Making French toast takes a lot of decision-making: which bread to use, which toppings, what soaking mixture, whether to bake or fry it, single or double slices… There isn’t an official ‘best way’ to make French toast, but there are plenty of beautiful and delicious ideas to keep you indecisive about which one you’ll make this weekend.

1. Grape-Stuffed French Toast – with almonds and orange marmalade
via The Food Network

Grape-stuffed French Toast

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Felted Slippers for the Holidays

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Winter and late autumn can be miserably cold and rainy seasons, which is probably why so many ‘comfort days’ happen in November to February. (The days when you say, ‘Actually, never mind my plans. I’m going to stay in bed, read a book, and have cookies with tea.’) A fine addition to any comfort day, or any winter day you wish was a comfort day, are fuzzy felt slippers. You can make them yourself, or find any number of lovely pairs on  Etsy. For ideas, check out the shops of these thirteen talented shoemakers:

1. Felting by Eglut

Felted mens slippers hunting time

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