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10 Beautiful Pavlova Recipes

Pavlova is an awe-inspiring dessert, not only because of its exotic name and beautiful shape, but because it’s so rare compared to cakes, pies and cookies. Even though it’s practically as easy to make as a layered cake, it gives the impression of culinary expertise–something reserved for professional bakers and/or people who have food blogs. It’s very doable, though, and with so many delicious-looking recipes, it’s worth trying.

1. Orange flower pavlova with pistachios, coconut cream, and lemon zest – recipe

 Orange Flower Pavlova with Coconut Cream, Pistachio & Meyer Lemon

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12 Ways to Upcycle Old Watering Cans

Watering cans are so quaint and charming that they’re difficult to get rid of, even if a hose is faster and easier, and even if they’re old, leaky and rusted. Fortunately, there are at least a dozen ways you can repurpose an abandoned yet lovable watering can, besides letting it be a home for cobwebs and spiders.

1. Portable signpost

watering can sign

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14 Beautiful Crochet Dress Patterns: Then and Now

Browsing through vintage crochet catalogs in thrift shops can be fascinating and funny, but if you find a good catalog, you might also discover some great ideas. The vintage crochet dress patterns are especially remarkable. You can find original 1950’s cocktail dresses and evening gowns, even classy crochet wedding dresses. Even if the patterns are a little out-of-date, you can modernize them using recent styles. For examples, here are fourteen vintage dress patterns with their modern equivalents, then and now.

1. 1950’s wedding dress

via Kinsie Wool Shop

50s Vintage Crocheted Wedding DRESS Pattern

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21 Practical Ways to Use Doilies

Doilies are one of those artsy crafts that you admire and then think, Now what do I do with it? Nearly every grandma seems to place them beneath lamps and candy bowls, but there are dozens of other possibilities. Here are 21 creative ideas for inspiration, and if you need more doilies, just visit a thrift store or make a crochet doily using one of these patterns.

1. Mini doily garland as a cake topper

Doily Garland Cake Topper Mini Doilies Bunting

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20 Delicious Red Velvet Cake Recipes

Red velvet cake is one of the most versatile holiday desserts. Red goes with nearly every major holiday–Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, various patriotic holidays–and velvet cake has enough varieties, all delicious, that it stays interesting even if you make it repeatedly. Best of all, it’s beautiful. The hardest part may just be choosing which recipe you want to make.

1. Red velvet strawberry shortcake – recipe

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake

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18 Ideas for Homemade Valentine’s Cards

At some point, Valentine’s Day cards (especially for kids) became all about the puns. Perhaps a pun helps to make such a passionate holiday less awkward for unsentimental people, or people who’d like to say ‘I love you’ but are too shy to be serious, or just people who love puns. Whatever the reason, puns make writing homemade Valentine’s cards much easier.

1. Superman lollipops : ‘Have a SUPER Valentine’s Day!’

super man lollipop valentine

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16 Wonderful Recipes for Cake in a Jar

Making jar cakes is a great way to use empty mason jars while waiting for summer. It’s also a convenient way to celebrate birthdays while traveling, pack dessert for a picnic or quickly make dozens of impressive party favors. Baking cakes in jars is easy, and the clean-up is no more than regular cake, since you don’t need cake pans, cutting knifes or individual serving plates.

1. Tres leches cake – recipe

Tres Leches Cakes in a Jar

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19 Beautiful Papercut Art Designs

Papercutting might sound like a violent sport for those who aren’t familiar with real papercutting, the art of cutting designs into paper. Once you discover this incredible world of delicate paper sculptures and intricate papercut patterns, a dull piece of construction paper suddenly seems like a potential masterpiece–or, at least, a cute card. Here are 19 ways that ‘papercutters’ have transformed normal paper into beautiful papercut artwork:

1. Calendars

via Robert Ryan and Curious Doodles

Rob Ryan 2013 Papercut Desk Calendar

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9 Great Ways to Use a Wax Seal Stamp

Wax seal stamps might seem too antiquated to use every day, but they can be unexpectedly handy once you have one. Because they’re so sophisticated by themselves, you don’t have to add much else to a letter or label to make it look impressive. But you can use wax seal stamps for much more than just closing envelopes. Here are nine ways to make the most out of a seal stamp.

1. Chocolate seals on bite-sized cakes

via Once Wed

Chocolate 'Wax' Seal Mini Monogramed Cakes

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12 Crochet and Knitted Lampshades to Love

Once you’ve exhausted your enthusiasm for knitting and crocheting sweaters, scarves and mittens, it’s time to move on to household objects, like cup cozies and lampshade covers. That, and yarn bombing, are the marks of a true knitter. Some knitted and crochet lampshades are so cool, though, you might want to skip the clothing stage altogether.

1. Jellyfish-style

via Yoola

Crocheted Lampshade in silver and blue

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