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Made in China: 7 Chinese Designers

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Instead of buying mass-made clothing from chain stores, try ordering your clothes directly from China; it minimizes the middleman and improves individual style.

Good results all around.

To get started, check out this sampling of seven designers, based in China and listed on Etsy:

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9 Ways to Use Leftover Chocolate

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Those familiar with the season of Sinterklaas know that giant chocolate letters have been profusely distributed throughout the Netherlands for the past few weeks.

[For those who are peacefully unaware of this peculiar holiday, David Sedaris has cleverly explained everything you need to know here.]

If you were lucky enough to receive a letter (or five) this year, you might be wondering what to do with such a reserve of chocolate—besides simply eating it. Yes, other options do exist.

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13 Nonconformist Christmas Wreaths


Factory-made plastic wreaths are not always ugly, but they do lack the personal touch that Christmas implies.
And besides, the plastic plant industry is productive enough already with hospital gift shops and low-budget play props.

Instead of increasing the fake plant population, here is a collection of thirteen non-aisled wreaths for the creative mind:

1. Made from excess fluff. (Wherever you might find that…)

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14 True Shots of Amsterdam

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If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam (for whatever innocent reason) and you tell someone—especially a non-European—about your Amsterdam plan, he/she will probably make at least one remark:
a.) about Dutch tolerance
b.) about “having fun,” with raised eyebrows
c.) about “staying safe,” with crinkled eyebrows
or d.) with unusual interest in your plans and personal character.

Amsterdammers deserve more respect than that.
Thus: 14 simple non-illicit ways to remember Amsterdam,
just so you know.

1. Bicycles
with emphasis on bicycles.

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