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13 Beautiful Pictures Of Dresses In Water

During the summertime, women tend to obsess about their weight more often, with the ominous prospect of those dreadfully all-revealing swimsuits hanging over their heads. If they wore dresses instead of swimsuits, maybe they’d be happier. They would probably also drown more often, but hey. They’d be happy.

And they would look beautiful.

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11 Unusual Pictures of Angels

Beliefs about angels vary incredibly, from absolutely disbelief to specific details about angel names and body structures. Theology aside, the concept of angels can inspire impressive photography, both strange and lovely:

1. Chubby baby angels

– presumably not the guardian type.

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8 Excellent Homemade Granola Bars

The idea of making granola bars from scratch might seem ridiculous at first, as if granola bars were at the bottom of the ‘homemade food chain’. You would make cookies or, even more daring, bread [!] way before granola bars.

Homemade granola bars are definitely worth trying, though, if only to save a bit of money and packaging. For recipes, try one of the following:

1. Easy chewy granola bars (no baking required!)

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14 True Shots of Seattle

Some cities are so weird, you end up loving them simply because of their strangeness. Seattle’s a bit like that. It’s difficult to capture its quirky culture in photos, but here’s an attempt. You could recognize Seattle with:

1. The Space Needle

– and Mount Rainier as a tastefully-distant backdrop.

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6 Ways To ‘Nom’

Sometimes, you can overuse a hip word or phrase until it irritates everyone (including yourself) and loses its stylishness altogether. So, if you have a dull moment, try creating limits for words you might be using too often.

Take ‘nom’, for instance. (It’s pretty cool.) Below are six situations wherein ‘nom’ would be very appropriate. The limits, if you will:

1. When referring to monsters of destruction

– particularly if nerdy fiction is involved.

via Geekazoid!

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