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14 True Shots of Seattle


Some cities are so weird, you end up loving them simply because of their strangeness. Seattle’s a bit like that. It’s difficult to capture its quirky culture in photos, but here’s an attempt. You could recognize Seattle with:

1. The Space Needle

- and Mount Rainier as a tastefully-distant backdrop.

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6 Ways To ‘Nom’

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Sometimes, you can overuse a hip word or phrase until it irritates everyone (including yourself) and loses its stylishness altogether. So, if you have a dull moment, try creating limits for words you might be using too often.

Take ‘nom’, for instance. (It’s pretty cool.) Below are six situations wherein ‘nom’ would be very appropriate. The limits, if you will:

1. When referring to monsters of destruction

- particularly if nerdy fiction is involved.

via Geekazoid!

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5 Beautiful Paper Flower Bouquets For Mother’s Day

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Paper flowers provide solutions to three common problems of buying flowers:
- they don’t die (the ‘real flower’ problem);
- they don’t remind everyone of low-budget nursing homes (the ‘plastic flower’ problem);
- they don’t drip water, dirt and/or Styrofoam all over the floor.

Perfect for busy moms, in other words. Take a look:

1. Money flowers

- what moms really want.

via Paper Displays of Affection

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11 Types of Lonely Tree Photos

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Trees are perfect models for art, especially when they’re silhouetted and standing apart from other trees. This ‘lonely tree ambiance’ provokes a wide variety of emotions, depending on the tree’s particular location and circumstances. To experience the sundry sides of lonely, take a look at these eleven solitary tree pictures:

1. Tree next to a desolate-looking stone cottage

- particularly if the sky is cloudy and dark.

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7 Dangers of Reading

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You were probably systematically encouraged to read books straight after learning your ABC’s and the word ‘cat’. Maybe that encouragement was necessary for your academic development, but for those of us who love reading naturally, reading too much can pose dangers that Reading Rainbow never mentioned.

If you’re a heavy reader, take a moment to consider these seven dangers and gauge your risk level for each one:

1. Mistaken identity

- when you begin subconsciously skewing your behavior to match the mannerisms of a cool protagonist.

via Brookish

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2 Simple Recipes For Hot Cross Buns

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Making hot cross buns can get complicated. Take these first three sentences from Martha Stewart’s ‘Hot cross buns with dried cherries’ recipe:

Heat 1 cup milk in a small saucepan over medium heat until it registers 110 degrees on a candy thermometer. Pour milk into a mixer bowl, and fit mixer with a dough hook. With mixer on low speed, add granulated sugar, yeast, butter, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, the nutmeg, cinnamon, and eggs.

Candy thermometer… Dough hook… Yeast… By this point, you may have already decided to buy your Easter breakfast at the grocery store.
But wait!
Making hot cross buns isn’t always so rigorous. You just need to find the right recipes:

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