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9 Creative Ways to Frame Pictures

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How you present your artwork is often as important as the artwork itself. A bad frame can ruin a picture, while a good frame can make it ‘fantastic’.  You may begin to wonder whether art is really just about framing.

1. A white border

- accented by a clothespin, a string, and several black & white letters.

via Lackluster Co.

Frame Pictures

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A Cool Way to Write Poetry

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Instead of writing poetry out of your head, try opening a book, newspaper or magazine to ‘find’ your poetry. Artist Anca Gray has ‘written’ a set of poems this way and illustrated them with drawings. She refers to her artwork as ‘found poetry.’
Check it out:

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14 True Shots of Phoenix

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When you’re visiting or living in Phoenix, you’re essentially trying to tame the desert temporarily. You get enough water, sunscreen and air conditioning, and you feel safe and comfortable—but subconsciously somewhere, you might wonder: ‘How long will this last? When will the water finally just end?’

Maybe Phoenix will exist forever, or maybe it’ll turn into a massive ghost city one day. Either way, it’s a curious place.

1. The dry heat

- you can practically see it from the airplane window.

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