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12 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Maybe it’s your first time saying it, or maybe you’re tired of saying it the same way for years and years. Whatever the case, here are twelve suggestions for spicing up that immortal phrase, ‘I love you.’

1. Heart-shaped food

– sloppy, cliché, and yet still romantic.

via Tidbits Photography

PS I love you red apple heart bite

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14 True Shots of New York

New York isn’t so much a city. It’s more of an idea, an abstract dream of affluence and success. Obviously, the real city is more complex than its image. If you visit, you might notice:

1. Bad weather
– they never told you about that one.

new york city rain clouds apocalypse

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7 Awesome ‘Back to Work’ Accessories

Returning to work after a vacation can be difficult, even more difficult, perhaps, than returning to school. So, here’s a long-due list of ‘Back to Work’ supplies which may help you readjust after the holidays:

1. Superman shoes.

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