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17 Unique Bird Feeders

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Usually, birds are more interesting than bird feeders–that is, generic factory bird feeders. Homemade feeders are a different species altogether. They can be made out of everything, it seems, and each is a unique piece of art.

1. Elegant and modern
via Ghenganette

Elegant and modern tray style bird feeder

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14 Cool Things To Wear From The Hunger Games

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You’d expect a popular young adult series like The Hunger Games to made into movies, but weddings? It’s happened: at least one real wedding and a couple of mock-wedding photo shoots – #1 and #2  – had a Hunger Games theme. Weapons and poisonous berries are just so romantic.

Then again, Hunger Games-inspired apparel is pretty cool, even if you haven’t read the books.

1. Arrow headband.

via Bella Mantra

Steampunk Arrow Headband- Metal Headband- Silver- Hunger Games- Katniss Arrow

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13 Creative Ways to Mark Your Garden

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Garden markers are useful in at least three situations: 1. your garden is so neat and orderly, you mark the sections simply to show them off; 2. your garden (or memory) is so chaotic, you need markers to constantly orient yourself; or 3. you don’t actually have an outdoor garden, but you pretend you do by marking your indoor herb plants.

In any case, garden markers are so pretty, it’s hard not to want them.

1. Twigs.

via No Jo Is Average

Twig Herb Plant Markers Rustic Garden

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Stone Art: 18 Ways to Paint Rocks

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If you want an eco-friendly and unique canvas for your art, try painting on stones. They’re cheap, easy to find, and full of creative possibility. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you can still use rocks to carry messages or mark your garden. Check out these great ideas:

1. A proposal.

via Med Beach Stones

heart shaped Beach stone rock pebble marry me

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9 Delicious Ways to Make Biscotti

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Biscotti. Even when it crumbles into your coffee cup and you have to use a spoon to fish out the pieces, it still sounds sophisticated. Its deliciousness and sophistication make it one of the ‘higher end’ biscuits/cookies. So, if you love them as much as I do, it’s worth either mastering a recipe or buying them in bulk.


Helpful hint: freeze the dough before you cut the biscotti for thinner pieces and less crumbling.

1. Dark chocolate biscotti -> recipe

Dark chocolate biscotti

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