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18 Ways to Upcycle Matchboxes

Anyone who loves tiny treasures is sure to like upcycled matchboxes. In fact, after seeing all these great ideas, you may begin to wonder which is more useful: the match or the box?

1. Shadow box – ‘The Magic Hat in the Matchbox’
via la boom!

Handmade shadow box frame -The Magic Hat in a Matchbox

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Embroidered Hoop Art: 16 Cool Designs

Embroidery is an old hobby that has changed considerably in the past 200 years. Modern embroidered art is full of variation—different materials, techniques, and styles. You might be surprised by its versatility and uniqueness, and decide to create your own hoop!

1. Reindeer
via Three Red Apples

Embroidery Hoop Art - Reindeer

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15 Creative Key Holders

The best decorations are sometimes the most useful. Key hooks, for example, are quite handy practically-speaking, but they’re also a great opportunity for art.

1. Keys and glasses.

via Art Akimbo

Nose Eyeglass Stand with Key Hook Mustache

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13 Charming Dutch Wooden Shoes

Do the Dutch still wear wooden shoes? Not really, although you might see them on muddy days in the countryside and, of course, around tourists. In Amsterdam, I’ve seen them being worn ‘seriously’ only once: a woman in bright red wooden clogs, doing her grocery shopping at an outdoor market. Generally speaking, however, they’re mostly used for home decorating and national pride. Either way, they’re charming.

via red truck designs

vintage WOOD SHOES 1940s Souvenir Hand Painted Holland Boy and Girl Clogs Dutch

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