Living Well Doing Well: A Pest Free Home

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Anyone who owns a home is all too familiar with pests. Mice might try to find shelter in the winter, and house flies are a common problem during the summertime. Between the sweltering days of July, and the garbage in your garage that’s creating a foul stench, flies are sure to be attracted one way or another. While they’re not particularly difficult to get rid of, they should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Summer is right around the corner, and what are you doing to prepare for dealing with these pests? There are plenty of ways to eliminate house flies, but you should look at the root of the problem first. Here are some ways to get rid of them and better enjoy your home.

Manage Your Trash in the Garage

Of all the reasons for house flies to come into your family’s home, their attraction to your garbage is all too common, especially if you always leave it in the garage. It’s important to remember that one of the reasons house flies aren’t seen in the wintertime isn’t just because of the temperature, but it’s also because the cold weather effectively prevents a stench from your garbage. In the scorching days of summer, though, keeping your trash in the garage for a week not only creates a foul smell, but this also allows the flies to gather and lay their eggs. If you keep the trash bags around in your house, it’ll lead to an even worse scenario.

One way to prevent this issue is to cover your trash bags in bug spray. While this could be potentially dangerous, all you would need to do is spray inside the bag’s opening, where the flies enter to lay their eggs. However, an even more effective solution, would be to buy a trash bin that can be sealed completely shut. Not only will it cover the stench of your garbage, but the flies won’t be able to get in either. Of course, though, there are plenty of reasons why flies could be invading your home, but you should always check to see if your garbage is an issue. It’s a very common problem, and considering how flies are attracted to rotten food, it’s often the root of the problem.

Move Your Trash to the Side of the House

If you want to have a pest free home, it would also be a wise to move your trash bins to the side of the house. Not only will this prevent flies from being attracted to any trash you’ve previously stored in your garage, but it will also keep them out of the house. After all, flies can invade your home even if you keep all your trash in the garage. On the downside, keeping your trash on the side of the house might attract animals at night. However, buying bin straps should prevent this issue, since they won’t be able to get in the bins even if they’re knocked over.

Put Food Scraps in the Garbage Disposal

This might seem like a weird choice, but it’ll actually be very helpful in the long run. After all, flies aren’t just attracted to garbage, but it’s the kind of garbage they’re attracted to. For example, if your trash bin is filled with papers and wrappers, it most likely won’t produce any sort of smell that’ll attract them. Rotting food, on the other hand, is why they’re usually so active in the summer, especially when it’s combined with the heat. Not only should you put your food in the garbage disposal, but also try to eliminate your trash bags of anything that could cause a bad smell.

For more information about how to deal with flies and other pests in your home, and how to live well and do even better, feel free to contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in the best way possible.


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