La Piñata: 5 Delicious Piñata Desserts

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Like most holidays, the origins of this Mexican-American holiday are somewhat vague now. (Something about something in the 19th century?) What’s clearer is how fun the celebrations are. Besides the beautiful dresses and dancing, there’s always lots of food and piñatas for the kids. Adults can have piñatas, too, but if you’re too shy for the mad candy scramble or blindfolded bat swing, you can also opt for piñata desserts. With these, everyone gets an equal share of the sweetness. From cupcakes to ice cream, here are five great recipes for piñata desserts.

1. Piñata cupcakes – recipe via La Receta De La Felicidad

pinata cupcake

2. Piñata cake – recipes via A Subtle Revelry and Claire K. Creations

pinata cake
lime macademia pinata cake

3. ‘Piñata’ piñata cookies – recipe via She Knows

pinata cookies

4. Or piñata cookies for other holidays – recipe via Not Martha

halloween pinata cookies

5. Easiest of all: piñata ice cream cones – recipe via Evite

pinata ice cream cones
Evite Blog

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