How To Tell A Story – 10 Toys That Spark Creative Stories

Using props to tell a story is like playing a game, reading a book, and watching a play all at once. Storytelling toys are great because they don’t really have an age limit; they can spark creativity in kids as much as adults and make telling a story easier for everyone. They’re also perfect toys to travel with. If you lose or break one, they’re simple to replace. Here are 10 ways you can use toys to tell a story, whether it’s an old familiar tale or a new one improvised on the spot.

1. Storytelling dice – roll the blocks and try to make a story out of the pictures that appear

story telling dice


story telling dice


via The Small Object and Cornelian Designs

2. Finger puppets made from felt, paper or yarn

felt animal finger puppets


paper animal finger puppets


crochet animal finger puppets


via Soo Sun, Curmilla, and Cyrilla’s Artistic Crochet

3. Small felt figures on a play scape, like a theater.

felted toys Goldilocks


felted rabbit and carrots


felted forest Waldorf


via Madame Craig, Mud Hollow, and Soo Sun

4. Wooden spools with pictures and words

wooden story spool


via Story Forest

5. Shadow puppets on sticks or on a tabletop stage

hansel and gretel shadow puppets


yeti shadow puppet


shadow puppet theater


via Isabella’s Art, Owly Shadow Puppets, and Shadow Puppet Stories

6. Drawings printed on wooden discs – doubles as a memory game

wooden memory tiles


via Apple ‘n Amos

7. Painted storytelling stones

story stones

Crafting Connections

rocks story telling

via Crafting Connections and Rudy and the Dodo

8. Flat story boards with felt animals or with cut-out pictures on magnets

felt board animals


upcycled story magnets

via Cake in the Morn and Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

9. ‘Storytelling basket’ – put characters from different fairy tales in a basket, then mix and match the toys to create silly combinations of the stories. Goldilocks climbing the beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood going into the three bears’ cottage, etc.

storytelling basket

via The Imagination Tree

10. Magnetic wallpaper – so you can create stories on the walls of your home

magnet wallpaper

magnet wallpaper

via Sian Zeng


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