Gold-Dipped Feathers: 7 Great Project Ideas

Although feathers are beautiful on their own, dipping them in gold glitter or paint gives them a slightly more sophisticated appearance, perfect for a dinner party or a wrapped present. Whether you buy a dozen or make them yourself, here are 7 lovely ways to use gold-dipped feathers.

images via A House in the Hills and Hamdmade for Eisley

gold dipped feathers

Gold Dipped feathers


1. Gold-dipped feather earrings
via Still Tree Jewelry and Bijou Brigitte

Minimalist Sparkly Feather Earrings in Navy Blue Dipped in Gold Metallic Glitter


Gold dipped feather earrings

Bijou Brigitte

2. And necklaces
via Burnett’s Boards, DIY via Minty Mavin

gold dipped feather necklace

Burnett’s Boards

DIY Gold Dipped Feather Necklace

Minty Mavin

3. Pretty packaging for gifts
via Urban Nester

gold dipped feathers

Urban Nester

4. Fancy-up a helium balloon
DIY via Frankie Magazine

diy - glitter feathers

5. Hung from the ceiling, e.g., above a dance floor
via Bluebird Vintage

gold dipped feathers wedding

Bluebird Vintage

gold dipped feathers wedding

Bluebird Vintage

6. Eye-catching feather hair piece
DIY via Sincerely Kinsey

Gold Dipped Feather Hair Piece DIY

Sincerely Kinsey

5. Garland for anywhere, but especially above the bed
DIY via Poppy Magazine

DIY: Gold-Dipped Feathers

6. Classy yet woodsy place cards
via Ruffled

gold dipped feathers place cards

7. A chandelier of feathers
via Ruffled

gold dipped feathers dinner

gold dipped feathers dinner party


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