City Walks: or, Panic & Mayhem (Part 1)

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Sociologists should research how tourists interact with the tourist sites they visit. Are they genuinely attracted to these monuments, or is their interest subtly based on confusion and fear?

In other words, are tourist sites actually interesting to the millions of people who visit them, or do they merely serve as social havens for lost foreigners, showing them where to go and what to do?
Would closing these important locations cause panic and mayhem among the tourists?

Paris Skyline
Paris Skyline by Alvin Law

Cities are large. Fear is likely.

Everyone should prepare for this potential disaster by personally realizing that just walking around the city is also a good option.

They even have decks of cards for it.

seattle walks

You may or may not see famous landmarks with these cards, but either way, you will remain calm in case of a citywide closure of tourist sites.

There are even City Walk decks for kids and dogs [which, at times, may be interchangeable].

They’ll help you go from this

new york
A Hazy Day in New York City by caruba

to this

Peck by Andy Cross

without freaking out.


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