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Biscotti tin plug in pendant lights

13 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Cookie and Tea Tins


In most thrift stores, there’s a section for old-fashioned metal tins designed to hold cookies or tea. They’re often unique, cheap and tempting to buy, but what can you do with them afterwards? Besides storing cookies, etc., the best way to reuse an old tin is to create something entirely new with it, like one of these 13 everyday objects.

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dr who goodbye

12 Ways to Say ‘Goodbye’

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For many people, the word ‘goodbye’ is uncomfortable and confusing. Depending on the situation, goodbyes are either too emotional or not emotional enough. They’re both happy and sad, last too long or too short, and…

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Gold-Dipped Feathers: 7 Great Project Ideas

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Although feathers are beautiful on their own, dipping them in gold glitter or paint gives them a slightly more sophisticated appearance, perfect for a dinner party or a wrapped present. Whether you buy a dozen or make them yourself, here are 7 lovely ways to use gold-dipped feathers.

gold dipped feathers

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18 Unique Easter Egg Ideas

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Once your excitement for dying Easter eggs wears off and you’re faced with a dozen hard-boiled eggs, a problem can arise: “How am I going to decorate these eggs, actually?” To help you answer that question, here are 18 excellent ideas for dying and decorating Easter eggs.

1. Hearts

love heart easter eggs

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13 Ways to Reuse Plastic Milk Jugs

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Plastic milk jugs are so common in the U.S. that anything you make with them is basically free. They’re especially handy to use for homemade crafts and projects for kids, since they can be easily replaced if damaged. For ideas, here are thirteen great ways to upcycle plastic milk jugs.

1. Planters for sowing seeds in the winter

via Garden Gate eNotes
sowing seeds in winter planters milk jugs

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