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15 Reusable Grocery Bags You Won’t Forget

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If you buy groceries in Europe and forget to bring your own reusable bags, the cashier may charge you extra. Ideally, this fine will help you remember to bring your bags next time, but after months of experience and observation, I’ve found that the best reminder is not necessarily financial punishment. All you really need are fantastically awesome grocery bags—a level of coolness you wouldn’t dare to forget.

Über-cool reusable bags are the key to grocery shopping success. If you don’t have any yet, check out these fifteen unforgettable candidates:

1. A single sheep

– a personal favorite.

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Made in Alaska: 7 Alaskan Designers

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An official ‘Made in Alaska’ stamp exists for items that are totally made in Alaska. Like the ‘Fair Trade’ and ‘USDA Organic’, the ‘Made in Alaska’ stamp evokes a mixture of pride and vague optimism about the world—or at least about Alaska.

Made in Alaska‘ has also become a parody, screen printed on t-shirts and underwear. (The phrase may refer to Alaskans themselves, after all.)

Of course, there are a number of Alaskans who design and produce items without the official symbol. You can search for these artists on or simply view the artists featured here:

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Made in China: 7 Chinese Designers

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Instead of buying mass-made clothing from chain stores, try ordering your clothes directly from China; it minimizes the middleman and improves individual style.

Good results all around.

To get started, check out this sampling of seven designers, based in China and listed on Etsy:

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