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Felted Slippers for the Holidays

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Winter and late autumn can be miserably cold and rainy seasons, which is probably why so many ‘comfort days’ happen in November to February. (The days when you say, ‘Actually, never mind my plans. I’m going to stay in bed, read a book, and have cookies with tea.’) A fine addition to any comfort day, or any winter day you wish was a comfort day, are fuzzy felt slippers. You can make them yourself, or find any number of lovely pairs on  Etsy. For ideas, check out the shops of these thirteen talented shoemakers:

1. Felting by Eglut

Felted mens slippers hunting time

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20 Unique Crochet Necklaces

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Necklaces are great projects for crochet beginners. They’re small, so you can correct mistakes quickly, and stylish for all seasons. You can also hone your crochet skills faster, trying out new designs and creating your own patterns. Best of all, they make excellent gifts.

1. Heart and arrow
via Hô! Kiou

Necklace crochet red heart and arrow

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14 Cool Things To Wear From The Hunger Games

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You’d expect a popular young adult series like The Hunger Games to made into movies, but weddings? It’s happened: at least one real wedding and a couple of mock-wedding photo shoots – #1 and #2  – had a Hunger Games theme. Weapons and poisonous berries are just so romantic.

Then again, Hunger Games-inspired apparel is pretty cool, even if you haven’t read the books.

1. Arrow headband.

via Bella Mantra

Steampunk Arrow Headband- Metal Headband- Silver- Hunger Games- Katniss Arrow

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9 Simple Heart Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

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February is on the brink, which means shops should be (already) displaying excessively feminine decorations and reminding friends & partners to buy stuffed animals & chocolate assortments, etc.

Here’s a better idea. Write this quote on a piece of paper: “A hundred hearts would be too few / to carry all my love for you.”

– Then, for ‘tangible evidence of sincerity’, pin it onto a heart-formed gift. Cookies and origami are cool, but a necklace is a notch higher. Here are some great options:

1. Attached to a love letter.

via Salvaged

Heart Necklace Love Letter inspired vintage industrial style with mixed metal and chain

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