Bonfire Night

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In honor of Guy Fawkes Night [Nov. 5], here is a list of casual observations made of what people chose to burn in bonfires.

Besides wood, paper and twiggy little matches, that is.

Matches by hermanturnip

‘The extras’, if you will:

1. Crusty old furniture – a subtle parody on before and after refurbishment.

Burn, baby, burn by Melissa

2. Disposable cups and plates from the nearby lukewarm hot chocolate table.

ghost story: fire starter by woodley wonderworks

3. Candy wrappers – let’s admit it and feel ashamed.

little joys by Ginny

4. Unwanted letters from the government and/or ex-lovers

(The similarities are striking now in hindsight.) by Nina Matthews

5. Scandalous books that may eventually become extravagantly popular.

Book burning by pcorreia

6. Gasoline and other testosterone-supported fire starters.

100_2499 by Aaron Giambattista

7. Fireworks, arguably also connected with testosterone.

Bonfire Green Night Bisley by Chris Loxton

8. Tattered toys and other objects that lend themselves well to children’s fiction.

The Fire Sermon by TheGiantVermin

Have fun!

LEWES-BONFIRE3 by heather buckley

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