Bleach Art: 8 Ways To Use A Bleach Pen

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Bleach stains usually illicit reactions like, ‘It’s ruined!’ and ‘How can I cover it up?’ Rarely do you hear, ‘Add more bleach!’ But that’s exactly what bleach pen art calls for: making clothes and accessories even better using bleach pens, paint brushes and stencils. Best of all, it takes very little time! Here are eight ways you can make bleach stains lovable.

1. Tribal leggings

via Deanna Reder

tribal leggings bleach art

2. Transforming a bleach spot into a funky design

DIY instructions via Delia Creates

bleach spot on shirt
delia creates
hiding a bleach spot on t-shirt
delia creates
Bleach Pen Craft Shirts
delia creates

3. Squiggles on a plain pillow

DIY instructions via Sweet Bean Gardening

Bleach Pen Fabric Pillow
Sweet Bean Gardening
bleach pen art pillow
Sweet Bean Gardening

4. The Bonjour handbag

DIY instructions via Dolls By Marie Antoinette

bleach pen art upcycled denim handbag
Sherry ‘Edie’ and Marie Antionette

5. Japanese-style waves on shoes

via Miyashiro

bleached shoes bleach art design

6. To make little monsters: draw the monster with a bleach pen, outline the bleach with black fabric paint, and add buttons for eyes

via How I Keep Sane

Bleach Pen Onesies with Fabric Paint
Bleach Pen Tutorial Onesies with Fabric Paint

7. Homemade table runners

DIY tips via Untrendy Life

Bleach Pen Linen Table Runners

8. Plain shirts made awesome

– DIY instructions for Hunger Games shirt via Average Jane Crafter

How-To: Hunger Games Mockingjay T-Shirt with Freezer Paper Stencil and Bleach Pen
Average Jane Crafter

– Bicycle kid’s shirt via Dilly Bop Designs

green bicycle kids shirt bleach art

– Orion constellation via Echoing Waters

Orion My Hero Crop Tshirt bleach pen art

– Tornado via Hate Cake Creations

Tornado Bleach Tee

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