Blackberry picking is worth the pain.

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It’s the end of blackberry season, by the way.

forest! by Christa

This means that if you are tempted to buy an expensive batch in the grocery store, say ‘No’ and visit a U-Pick farm instead.

Or, if you live in rural England, go on a walk. They’re hanging on fences everywhere as common as dandelions.

Blackberry by Santi

You may think, initially, that blackberry picking is not worth the pain.
You may think that finding a U-Pick farm takes too much effort, or that fighting spiders, mud and stinging nettles is—quite simply—idiotic for a basket of berries.

However, afterwards you will notice that ten pounds of blackberries are more exciting than a little tray from the grocery store.

You could make blackberry smoothies every day and still have spare money for straws!

couldn't resist by Christa
Slurping implement by Quinn Dombrowski

exercise, extra money and ten pounds of blackberries > convenience

Blackberry picking is worth the pain.

blackberry by Laura Thompson

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