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Blackberry picking is worth the pain.

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It’s the end of blackberry season, by the way.


This means that if you are tempted to buy an expensive batch in the grocery store, say ‘No’ and visit a U-Pick farm instead.

Or, if you live in rural England, go on a walk. They’re hanging on fences everywhere as common as dandelions.

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5 Creative Coffee Sack Pillows

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Over time, adults have learned to recognize and accept ugly pillows as a part of home decoration. These pillows aren’t necessarily natural; they’re more like social constructions, similar to political signs and white bread.

coffee sack pillows

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Fierljeppen: An extreme Dutch & Frisian sport.

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Fierljeppen [~ pronounced: ‘fee – earl – yeppen’] is literally translated as ‘far-leaping,’ a name that befits each contestant’s main goal: to leap over a canal without hitting the water.


In order to accomplish this task, the ‘ljepper’ must sprint towards the canal and jump onto a pole. Then, if s/he successfully grabs onto the pole, s/he must climb the pole and control which direction it tips.

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5 Simple Travel Journal Tips

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Buying a travel journal is like falling for a tourist trap before the trip begins.

True, some amazing people are successful at writing/doodling in books while traveling, but they are a specialized group of travelers on par with American explorers like Lewis & Clark.

travel journal

Even so, leaving a journal unfinished feels wrong. It’s like the unknown 8th sin.

So, how can you finally complete a journal?

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Yogi Tea – Two Tea Flavors For Chocolate-Lovers

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Sweet Chili (Mexican Spice) and Choco (Aztec Spice) are made for anyone with a chocolate addiction.

Mexican Spice burns sweetly (hence, its ‘sweet chili’ name) and goes extremely well with chocolate, particularly if you’re fond of dark chili chocolate.

Aztec Spice is chocolate-flavored. It needs no further explanation.

Interestingly, Yogi Tea is associated with three different box designs:

The Old Boxes (2009)

yogi tea

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