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The Cupcake Question

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Social experience has suggested that men are capable of voluntarily baking and decorating cupcakes without the help of women. Furthermore, they have enjoyed it.


For example, the Butch Bakery in New York makes cupcakes that are for men, by men.

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5 Suggestions For Choosing The Best Cookbook

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cookbooks 101

The cookbook section of the bookstore seems too large. Its size is baffling when one considers how nearly all recipes are on websites or in magazines alongside ‘handy tips’ for color-coordinating the kitchen and dining room tablecloth.

Why would one purchase a cookbook with these other options? Is it tradition? Tangibility? The attractive photographs?

It might be education.

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Blackberry picking is worth the pain.

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It’s the end of blackberry season, by the way.


This means that if you are tempted to buy an expensive batch in the grocery store, say ‘No’ and visit a U-Pick farm instead.

Or, if you live in rural England, go on a walk. They’re hanging on fences everywhere as common as dandelions.

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5 Creative Coffee Sack Pillows

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Over time, adults have learned to recognize and accept ugly pillows as a part of home decoration. These pillows aren’t necessarily natural; they’re more like social constructions, similar to political signs and white bread.

coffee sack pillows

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Fierljeppen: An extreme Dutch & Frisian sport.

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Fierljeppen [~ pronounced: ‘fee – earl – yeppen’] is literally translated as ‘far-leaping,’ a name that befits each contestant’s main goal: to leap over a canal without hitting the water.


In order to accomplish this task, the ‘ljepper’ must sprint towards the canal and jump onto a pole. Then, if s/he successfully grabs onto the pole, s/he must climb the pole and control which direction it tips.

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5 Simple Travel Journal Tips

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Buying a travel journal is like falling for a tourist trap before the trip begins.

True, some amazing people are successful at writing/doodling in books while traveling, but they are a specialized group of travelers on par with American explorers like Lewis & Clark.

travel journal

Even so, leaving a journal unfinished feels wrong. It’s like the unknown 8th sin.

So, how can you finally complete a journal?

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Yogi Tea – Two Tea Flavors For Chocolate-Lovers

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Sweet Chili (Mexican Spice) and Choco (Aztec Spice) are made for anyone with a chocolate addiction.

Mexican Spice burns sweetly (hence, its ‘sweet chili’ name) and goes extremely well with chocolate, particularly if you’re fond of dark chili chocolate.

Aztec Spice is chocolate-flavored. It needs no further explanation.

Interestingly, Yogi Tea is associated with three different box designs:

The Old Boxes (2009)

yogi tea

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