9 Ways to Use Leftover Chocolate

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Those familiar with the season of Sinterklaas know that giant chocolate letters were profusely distributed throughout the Netherlands this past weekend.

[For those who are peacefully unaware of this peculiar Dutch holiday, David Sedaris has cleverly explained everything you need to know here.]

R by Sascha Pohflepp

If you were lucky enough to receive a letter (or five) this year, you might be wondering what to do with such a reserve of chocolate—besides simply eating it. Yes, other options do exist.

For the sake of variety, here are nine recipes for making use of temporary chocolate excesses:

1. Chocolate cereal.

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2. White chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

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Raspberry White Chocolate 5.5 Cheesecake by tonydolor

3. Chocolate fondue

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25/365 Mmm chocolate strawberries *Explored* by Rachel Carter

4. Dark chocolate cookies with pistachios and milk chocolate chunks.

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Dark Chocolate Cookies With Pistachios And Milk Chocolate Chunks by jamieanne

5. Real hot chocolat.

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Fuel for brides by Dan Foy

6. Chocolate banana bread pudding.

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chocolate banana bread pudding by stu_spivack

7. Hazelnut/Almond and chocolate mousse tart.

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BXP49578 by Eric

8. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins by jamieanne

9. Chocolate chip pancakes

My chocolate chip pancake's having a happy morning by makeshiftlove

That should be enough
until Easter.


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