9 Simple Heart Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

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February is on the brink, which means shops should be (already) displaying excessively feminine decorations and reminding friends & partners to buy stuffed animals & chocolate assortments, etc.

Here’s a better idea. Write this quote on a piece of paper: “A hundred hearts would be too few / to carry all my love for you.”

– Then, for ‘tangible evidence of sincerity’, pin it onto a heart-formed gift. Cookies and origami are cool, but a necklace is a notch higher. Here are some great options:

1. Attached to a love letter.

via Salvaged

Heart Necklace Love Letter inspired vintage industrial style with mixed metal and chain

2. Anatomically correct – for the science nerd.

via Kiva Ford

Anatomical Heart Necklace - Heart in a Jar

3. A Lego heart – for all the other nerds.

via MoL Gifts

Radiant Red Heart Necklace made from Lego Heart Pieces on a Silver Plated Curb Chain

4. Love birds.

via Joanniel Creations

Love birds necklace, black trees, hearts, antique bronze

5. Initials – so it’s clear who you’re referring to.

via Delicacy J

Initial necklace - reversible silver heart necklace

6. Made of concrete…

via Lulu Bug Jewelry

Heart necklace - red concrete and silver

7. Or crystal.

via Bijoux by Meg

Sweet Valentine Necklace - Gold Fill Red Heart Necklace, Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant, Romantic Necklace

8. A love tree!

via Thalassa Jewelry

Love blossoms Necklace branch, hearts, Valentine Necklace in sterling silver

9. ‘A heart of gold’ – romantic, cheesy, and clever all at once.

via The Luxe Garden

Heart Necklace, A HEART OF GOLD

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