9 Nifty Journals For Writers

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Whether or not you actually publish a book, identifying yourself as a writer allows you to buy snazzy journals as a professional right. Everyone else has to mumble something about recording memories or personal thoughts; a writer can simply say, ‘I’m a writer,’ and proceed to purchase all the journals she wants.

1. A tiny journal

– so you can finish your chef d’oeuvre sooner!


2.  An artistic cover

– to help you find your ‘happy place’ during bouts of writer’s block.


3. A bit of affirmation.


4. And encouragement.

Writer's Journal Notebook Sketch Book Diary - Keep Calm and Write On

5. A sturdy journal bandolier for all the writing utensils you could possibly want.


6. Obviously eco-friendly

– to distract you from your self-criticism with feelings of environmental purity.


7. Worn leather, as if you’ve been writing for ages and ages.


8. ‘Promptness is desirable’

– a polite reminder to begin writing now, today.


9. A single bright-colored journal

– for creative ideas only, no editing allowed, to protect your sanity.


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