9 International Easter Bread Recipes

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Hot cross buns aren’t the only type of traditional Easter bread. As an international holiday, Easter has a great variety of foods and customs unique to each region of the world. There are so many delicious kinds of Easter breads, for instance, that you could try a different recipe each year and never run out of new options! For starters, here are nine traditional Easter bread recipes that are worth trying.

– Easter breads decorated with colored eggs –

1. Italian bread with golden eggs (recipe)

Italian Easter Bread
Italian Easter Bread via theitaliandishblog.com

2. ‘Tsoureki’ – Greek bread with deep red eggs (recipe)

Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)
Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread) via marthastewart.com

– Eastern European Easter breads –

3. ‘Paska’ – Ukrainian bread with lots of eggs, citrus zest and juice (recipe)

Paska – Ukrainian Easter Bread
Paska – Ukrainian Easter Bread via celebrationgeneration.com

4. ‘Pinca’ – Croatian bread with citrus zest, some raisins and rum (recipe)

Pinca: Croatian Easter bread
Pinca: Croatian Easter bread via thehungariangirl.com

5. ‘Kulich’ – Russian bread with lots of dried fruit and rum (recipe)

Kulich - Russian Easter Bread
Kulich – Russian Easter Bread via Mushitza

– Sweet Italian Easter breads –

6. ‘Gubana’ – bread filled with nuts, liquor, dried fruit and apricot jam (recipe)

Gubana: Sweet Italian Easter Bread
Gubana: Sweet Italian Easter Bread via citrusandcandy.com

7. ‘Tuscan Schiacciata’ – bread with aniseed, liquor and olive oil (recipe)

Tuscan Schiacciata, sweet Easter bread
Tuscan Schiacciata, sweet Easter bread via en.julskitchen.com

– Germanic Easter breads –

8. ‘Paasstol’ – Dutch bread with dried fruit and almond paste (recipe)

Dutch Paasbrood Dutch Easter Bread
Dutch Paasbrood / Easter Bread via simply-delicious.co.za

9. ‘Osterschinken’ – German bread wrapped around a slab of ham (recipe)

German Easter Ham in Bread Blanket
German Easter Ham-in-Bread via Doberman’s by the Sea

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