9 Gourmet Homemade Dog Treats

This, my friends, is how you end up tasting dog food.

1. Carrot and pumpkin ‘Pupcakes’ – with or without carob chips.

via True Treats Pet Bakery

Holiday Dog Treats PupCakes Blackberry and Peanut Butter All-Natural muffins


2. Our beloved Pac Man.

via Nerdy Dogs

Pac Man Dog Treat


3. Peanut butter.

via Candice Zagata

Peanut Butter Dog Treats paw prints


4. Apple cinnamon.

via Muddy Puppys

Dog Treats All Natural Wheat Free treat Handmade Apple Cinnamon topped with Yogurt


5. A Christmas wreath!

via Border Collie Bistro

Grain Free Dog Treat Wreath Christmas blue ribbon


6. Animal crackers – with flax seed, no less.

via Border Collie Bistro

Shiny Happy Puppies - Carrot and Flax Seed treats Animal Cracker Edition


7. Gingerbread dipped in carob.

via Amy C’s Treats

Gingerbread Puppy Treats


8. The birthday box.

via Signature Bonz

All Natural Dog Treat Personalized Happy Birthday Gift Box


9. Tetris pieces
– music mercifully not included.

via Nerdy Dogs

Tetris Dog Treats



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