8 Ways to Use a Pumpkin

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As a preeminent strike against the oncoming horde of leftover pumpkin pieces from Halloween (etc.), here are eight ideas for constructively using a pumpkin and/or its pieces.

Cheerful Pumpkin by Teo

1.  Attach wings and throw it off a building.

2. Make a soup tureen.


3.  Make fancy soup for your fancy soup tureen.

4. Bake and mash the pumpkin. Then, use the cooked mush to make pancakes, muffins, scones, cheesecake, bread, waffles, pie and any other baked good you can imagine. Share these pumpkin masterpieces with your neighbor or, if rejected, a homeless person. Feel noble.

Pumpkin Pie Waffle by norwichnuts

5.  Relive fourth grade by baking the pumpkin seeds. Cheers from educators everywhere if you can convince fourth-graders that baking pumpkin seeds is more interesting than playing computer games.

Homemade baked pumpkin seeds by Aparna Echempati

6.  Laboriously peel the pumpkin seeds. Then, use the shelled seeds to decorate the previously-listed baked goods. Feel disappointed when the previously-listed people do not notice your labor-intensive decorations. Rise above the situation.

7.  Draw a picture of your most recent malfunctioning home appliance. Tape the picture to the pumpkin and cathartically destroy the now-symbolic version of that appliance. Do not substitute with human pictures.

Splatterpunk by Orin Zebest

8.  Compost the moldy remainders like a good citizen.

poor little pumpkin, your time has passed by Evil Erin



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