8 Original Ways to Use Pine Cones

The idea of ‘upcycling’ pine cones might make you think of wilderness survival or elementary school art projects, but pine cones have classy sides too.

1. A ring bearer pillow.

via Rustic Blend

Rustic Pine Cone Ring Bearer Pillow with Greenery


2. Napkin rings.

via The Velvet Branch

pine cone white serviette rings


3. To make a photograph (or tea party) more interesting.

via Kari Herer Photography

pine cone and flower tea cup


4. A mirror frame.

via Stair Lodge Supplies

Natural Pine Cone Mirror


5. Jewelry.

via Magpie’s Shop

small pine cone earrings


6. Wedding decoration / door ornaments.

via The Keeper’s House

pine cone ornaments with white ribbon


7. A love note.

via Stoney Creek Mercantile

Pine cone ornament and Love charm


8. A simple wreath.

via Mom’s Antiques and Things

homemade pine cone wreath with ribbon



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