7 Sets of 3: Still Life Pictures

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For whatever psychological reasons, sets of three are easy to remember and beautiful to see. Whether you’re creating or decorating, the simple number 3 is full of potential.

1. Size comparisons, especially with food.

via The Joy of Color

watercolor 3 little mushrooms still life brown painting

2. A version of elementary school multiple choice questions
– “Which shape is different?”

via Art in Venice

Two tiny round cameo paintings, acrylic on cardboard

3. Sets of three objects with no apparent relation besides beauty.

via The Old Red Hen

A Spoon A Face clock and A Feather

4. The ever useful ellipsis.

via The Light Fantastic

scrabble tiles um... hi awkward photo

5. Stuff you find on the beach
– or backyard, or parking lot…

via Quercus Design

beach combing objects seaweed stick and rocks

6. Add a key.
It will be profound.

via Nature’s Charms

Southwest Rustic Watercolor Painting, Horse, Turquoise Pebble, Still Life Painting

7. Identical seasonal objects
– such as clovers, hearts and of course: pumpkins.

via Amelia Kay Photography

three ghost pumpkins photo

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