7 Indoor Camping Essentials

If you’re going to camp indoors, you gotta do it right:

1. Chunks of wood

– in the form of fluffy, splinter-less pillows.

via Chic Sin Design


2. Some form of s’mores

– like a candy bar:

via Madyson’s Marshmallows


3. Rain

– without the wetness.

via Love Mae


4. Tent

– without the bugs.

via Mozzle


5. The smell of smoke

– without the fire hazard.

via Flourish Bath & Body


6. Silhouettes of scary trees

– for the creepy stories.

via Vinyl Wall Accents


7. Savage beasts

– with a bit of imagination.

via Jen Murray Photography



2 Responses

  1. Eliza Winters

    November 1, 2011 9:47 am

    I love these ideas! I have indoor camp outs with my kids all the time but I had never thought to plan out the camping essentials like we do for our regular camping trips. I think if we had thee indoor essentials and had the kids help gather them for us they would totally eat it up. Thanks for sharing!


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