7 Awesome ‘Back to Work’ Accessories

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Returning to work after a vacation can be difficult, even more difficult, perhaps, than returning to school. So, here’s a long-due list of ‘Back to Work’ supplies which may help you readjust after the holidays:

1. Superman shoes.

via Smallfly

superhero shoes

2. Admirable advice that you don’t always follow
– but you should, so you hang it on your wall.

via Nick Agin

boxing pick your battles

3. A cool watch
– since you’ll look at it often.

via Marrianne’s Handcrafted Watch Studio

large numbers steampunk watch

4. Fruit cozies
– to finally prevent all the cuts and bruises that somehow appear on your lunch fruit the moment you leave home.

via Handamade

fruit apple knitted cozy yellow

5. Clothing with sophisticated allusions to art & culture
– to remind you that you’re cool, even if no one understands it.

via Cyberoptix Tie Lab

This is not a tie Magritte

6. A refined manner of making swift decisions
– the 8-ball was a bit too obvious.

via Handmade by Bluebird

metal French earrings oui non

7. A fresh tie.

via CreaShines

necklace tie orange black white stripes

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