6 Ways To ‘Nom’

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Sometimes, you can overuse a hip word or phrase until it irritates everyone (including yourself) and loses its stylishness altogether. So, if you have a dull moment, try creating limits for words you might be using too often.

Take ‘nom’, for instance. (It’s pretty cool.) Below are six situations wherein ‘nom’ would be very appropriate. The limits, if you will:

1. When referring to monsters of destruction

– particularly if nerdy fiction is involved.

via Geekazoid!


2. When referring to toddlers

– of destruction.

via Ana Apple Designs


3. During birthday parties

– and other happy occasions with drinks, food and accepted gluttony.

via Yellowcake Crafts!


4. When taking a snack break while studying.

via Collage-O-Rama


5. When something smells delicious, but you can’t eat it.

You can only make sounds.

via Firelight Fusions


6. Pac-man.


via Lovesick Robot Designs


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