5 Mementos from The Museum of Broken Relationships

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This New Year’s might be an ideal time to dispose of the leftovers of your past relationships—or give them to this Croatian museum:

The Huffington Post

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb displays an eclectic assortment of items donated by people who have endured a break-up and want to share or get rid of the memories. Each relationship is anonymous except for its original location, length of duration and final summary of events, both tragic and hilarious.
One doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh at the end of the exhibition. Shakespeare would probably love it.

A few examples…

Museum of Broken Relationships

July 12, 2003 – April 14, 2004
Zagreb, Croatia
“It was 300 days too long. He gave me his cell phone so I couldn’t call him any more.”

The Museum of Broken Relationships

Spring 1992
Zagreb, Croatia
“In a Zagreb hospital I met a beautiful, young and ambitious social worker from the Ministry of Defense. When she helped me to get certain materials, which I, as a war invalid needed for my under-knee prosthesis, love was born. The prosthesis endured longer than our love. It was made of sturdier material!”

The Break-Up Museum by Nicholas Phillips

Cape Town, South Africa
“She always called it [the boyfriend hat], said she liked it because it looked like a man’s hat but it really suited her. I only found out two weeks ago it was her boyfriend’s hat, and she was still sleeping with him.”

Museum of Broken Relationships

a few years
Ljubljana, Slovenia
“An animal constructed out of different objects (chemical puzzle) with eyes glued on and a piece of paper saying who gave me this present.”

The Break-Up Museum by Nicholas Phillips

Zagreb, Croatia
“She loved antiquities—as long as things were old and didn’t work. That is precisely the reason why we’re not together any more.”

In other words:


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