5 Colorful Carrots

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Here is a friendly reminder for everyone with a bit a land or balcony: it’s time to plant carrot seeds.

CSA veggies 2/2/10 by little blue hen

Perhaps you already planted your carrots back in February while the rest of us sluggards were wimping out indoors with hot chocolate and Monopoly. If so, you are awesome.

If not, it’s time to begin. Carrots are worth your gardening effort if you’re interested in colors beyond supermarket orange. As you can see from the following colors, there’s quite a variety:

1. White Carrots

– “Creme De Lite” @ PoorFarmGirl


2. Red Carrots

– “Atomic Red” @ EandMseeds


3. Yellow Carrots

– “Solar Yellow” @ cubits


4. Orange Carrots

– “Little Finger” @ Thebearfootshaman


5. Purple Carrots

– “Dragon” @ MoonglightMicroFarm


– “Purple Dragon” @ WallFlowerStudio


You don’t necessarily need to pick a favorite color.
Just plant all of them.


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