5 Beautiful Paper Flower Bouquets For Mother’s Day

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Paper flowers provide solutions to three common problems of buying flowers:
– they don’t die (the ‘real flower’ problem);
– they don’t remind everyone of low-budget nursing homes (the ‘plastic flower’ problem);
– they don’t drip water, dirt and/or Styrofoam all over the floor.

Perfect for busy moms, in other words. Take a look:

1. Money flowers

– what moms really want.

via Paper Displays of Affection


2. Red tulips

– in case you forgot about Easter, too.

via Nikki Cross Applesauce


3. Conventional red roses

– for elegant mums.

via My Bohemian Summer


3.5  Unconventional red roses

– for whimsical mums.

via Flower Thyme


4. Flowers + branches

– to out-size the competition.

via Ruby Sweet Pea


5. Lotus flowers

– you can place a little note inside the petals and praise yourself for being so creative and thoughtful.

As long as mom finds it.

via Fish & Lotus


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