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19 Ways to Use Birch Bark

Birch bark is often used as tinder for camp fires, but if you’re stuck in the city or have too much bark on hand, there are dozens of other ways you can use it. The bark’s flexibility and beautiful pattern make it perfect for decorating objects, especially for weddings or parties with a rustic theme.

1. A guest book or writer’s journal
via Three Trees Bindery

unique handmade journal - mini birch bark wood

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12 Sophisticated Baby Shower Cookies

Most baby shower decorations seem to emphasize parenthood with, for example, bottles, pacifiers and a lot of baby-carrying storks. If this isn’t your style, a sophisticated alternative is simply to focus on one color, like pink or blue, and use only subtle baby references. This approach is shown perfectly in the following baby shower cookies, beautifully decorated by bakers on Etsy.

1. Brush embroidered cookies
via Amber Spiegel

Brush Embroidered Cookies - One Dozen Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies

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