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12 Sophisticated Baby Shower Cookies

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Most baby shower decorations seem to emphasize parenthood with, for example, bottles, pacifiers and a lot of baby-carrying storks. If this isn’t your style, a sophisticated alternative is simply to focus on one color, like pink or blue, and use only subtle baby references. This approach is shown perfectly in the following baby shower cookies, beautifully decorated by bakers on Etsy.

1. Brush embroidered cookies
via Amber Spiegel

Brush Embroidered Cookies - One Dozen Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies

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Winged World Animal Print Giveaway (Winner Announced)


In case you missed it, a recent post listed ideas for upcycling library cards and included a little painting by Vickie Moore from Winged World. Now, Vickie is sponsoring a giveaway for Grains of Earth readers! One lucky person will win four woodland animal prints on library cards. These little pictures would look great in a library, classroom or nursery (basically, any room that has books).
Deer Fawn Painted on Library Card - The Land and Wildlife of North America

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