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25 Creative Ways to Use Driftwood

Each piece of driftwood is unique, so you can’t always decide what you’re going to make before you find the driftwood. It’s less predictable, which makes the art more spontaneous. Nevertheless, here are inspiring ideas to get you started.

1. Coasters – made from Icelandic driftwood
via Railis

Driftwood coaster. Icelandic driftwood.

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20 Inspiring Book Sculptures

Last year, a number of anonymous book sculptures began to appear around Edinburgh. They were left as gifts in libraries, museums and cultural institutions, attached to brief notes that said some variety of ‘thank you’. The artist is still anonymous, but the artwork continues to amaze and inspire. (See the pictures and full story here.)

Book sculpting isn’t just a Scottish phenomenon. Here are some other awesome examples:

1. Vagabond Songs
via Brooke Schmidt

vagabond songs - book sculpture

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