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13 Charming Dutch Wooden Shoes

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Do the Dutch still wear wooden shoes? Not really, although you might see them on muddy days in the countryside and, of course, around tourists. In Amsterdam, I’ve seen them being worn ‘seriously’ only once: a woman in bright red wooden clogs, doing her grocery shopping at an outdoor market. Generally speaking, however, they’re mostly used for home decorating and national pride. Either way, they’re charming.

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vintage WOOD SHOES 1940s Souvenir Hand Painted Holland Boy and Girl Clogs Dutch

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8 Excellent Ways to Recycle Mason Jars (Pt. 2)

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A while back, we had a post on ways to upcycle mason jars. However, our list was far from complete as Tanita and Devon from  The Country Barrel have proven. After browsing through their shop, you might begin to wonder what you can’t make with a mason jar.

“When you see what can be done with recycled items, and how it can better both parties, it is truly something exciting.” – Tanita & Devon

1. Salt & pepper shakers

Vintage Ball Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

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