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14 Original Advent Calendars

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If you’ve had a new Advent calendar every year since you were a toddler, you might find yourself one day looking wistfully at the grocery store Advent calendars, wishing that they were more creative, more reusable or just more your style. If this situation describes you, take cheer in these other (homemade) options.

1. Fancy envelopes pinned to a string.

via Gray Sparrow

Advent Calendar Banner - 12 Days of Christmas

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8 Cotton Presents: Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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A cotton wedding gift seems to allow a lot of ideas, and yet almost nothing at all, depending on how ‘cottony’ the present should be. If you’re lenient enough, these eight suggestions might help you find the right gift.

1. A cloth coin purse filled with loose change for an awesome (if slightly adolescent) afternoon playing arcade games and miniature golf.
– Make the purse look really classy.

via My Cherry Tree

vintage white coin purse with hearts wedding gift

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