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7 Awesome ‘Back to Work’ Accessories

Returning to work after a vacation can be difficult, even more difficult, perhaps, than returning to school. So, here’s a long-due list of ‘Back to Work’ supplies which may help you readjust after the holidays:

1. Superman shoes.

via Smallfly

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9 Creative Ways to Frame Pictures

How you present your artwork is often as important as the artwork itself. A bad frame can ruin a picture, while a good frame can make it ‘fantastic’.  You may begin to wonder whether art is really just about framing.

1. A white border

– accented by a clothespin, a string, and several black & white letters.

via Lackluster Co.

Frame Pictures

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A Cool Way to Write Poetry

Instead of writing poetry out of your head, try opening a book, newspaper or magazine to ‘find’ your poetry. Artist Anca Gray has ‘written’ a set of poems this way and illustrated them with drawings. She refers to her artwork as ‘found poetry.’
Check it out:

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