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16 Cool Wedding Cake Toppers

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Contrary to popular belief, a wedding cake’s appearance is not necessarily its most important quality. It’s the taste.

So, before you distress about cake decorations, be sure to find a fantastic cake, cupcake, or pie recipe first. The decorations will follow more easily, then.

Already found the perfect pie/cake/cupcake? Then check out these sixteen awesome decoration ideas:

1. Emphasize the ‘we’ part of wedding.

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17 Charming Pictures of Clovers

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According to elementary school bulletin boards across America, March is St. Patrick’s month. No matter about Mardi Gras, the first day of spring, or Doctor Suess’s birthday; life-according-to-bulletin-boards has declared March as ‘St. Paddy’s Day’ (perhaps because clovers are easier to make than glittery women and multicolored fish).

However—as cool as elementary schools are—some people may have missed or forgotten this message. For that reason, and with carnival gripping society, we would like to remind everyone that March is really about leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and the color green.

Thank you.

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12 Elegant and Creative Vases

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Vases don’t exist just to hold water and flowers together. Aesthetically, they are just as important as the flowers. Ugly vases can be just as repulsive as bad make-up.

Fortunately, elegant and creative vases are plentiful; just check out these twelve awesome vases, courtesy of

1. Vases suspended from the ceiling.

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